Basic information about the company

Company REGAM was founded in the year 2003. Since the very beginning, the company has worked with an experienced team. At first this team realised smaller electrical installations projects and also functioned as a subcontractor for larger companies in the field. Later on, the company extended thanks to experiences gained and slowly transformed into a company that is able to realise projects in a wide scope of fields and of any size, directly for investors, developers, building companies and other partners.

Main activities of the company:

  • Electrical installations (projection, heavy current, light current, measurement and regulation (MaR), service)
  • Green energy (photovoltaic and wind power plants, solar panels)
  • solární veřejné osvětlení
  • Metal manufacture
  • Compressors and pumps
  • Air conditioning and cooling
  • Boiler rooms and delivery stations
  • Garage doors

The main goal of the company REGAM is to create a consulting and realisation company that is able to realise complex solutions for technological equipping of buildings. It is a company that supports green energy and therefore helps in improvement and protection of the environment.